Friday, February 17, 2012

Wedding Cars

So, we went to have a look at wedding cars.  We are going to go with Darling Rose Classics. We had a look at their show room on Thursday night.

Mark 5 Jaguars. 1 convertible and two sedans
It cost a little bit more than I thought and I did my mandatory freak out about the cost of the wedding but it is all ok when I break it all down. 

In other news, my house mate who has been A.W.O.L  since new years (aside from work , I work with her) has announced she is moving out at the end of March. So, as she moves in with her boyfriend of 8 weeks, M and I had to have that conversation about moving in together. . . . . . 

AND it is going to happen! I can't wait. It will be a huge learning curve for the both of us.I hate moving but this will be a monumental moving day and as I said I cant wait!

OH ETA: My  Garter I blogged about the other day arrived from etsy! YAY! it is so pretty and I tried it on.... not sure if that is traditionally allowed but it looked pretty! Anyway, that is all for today.


  1. Photo of the garter please! I was thinking of getting mine of Etsy too :)

  2. M reads this blog too. I'm posting from my phone so I'll post it
    when I get home. And make him promise not to peak.

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    1. Couple things wrong with this. I'm in Australia and the wedding was 8 weeks ago