Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day dreaming

So, I'm off work with tonsillitis and general feeling of grossness. Along with the non stop rain that is happening at the moment I am starting to day dream of warm and exciting places far far away. 

We have so far been to Bali, England, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Malta, Dubai and New Zealand. 

I finished uni and decided that I had studied enough. My professions job prospects had been dire and I wasn't expecting job vacancies to come up until March. So we booked to go to Bali. I applied for a few jobs before hand, one being in Wollongong and thought nothing of it. I got a call for an interview to be scheduled right in the middle of our trip and I was basically told that if I did a phone interview I wouldn't be getting the job. So after scrambling to the travel agent to see how much money we would lose (all of it) I resigned to the fact that I would go on my holiday and do a phone interview. At the last minute they agreed to schedule my interview on a different day , the day before we left for Bali. The interview was only supposed to be 15 minutes and it went for 1.5 hours because it was quite informal  and relaxed and they even gave me the option of doing the set interview or chatting ( I did the set interview and aced it) After all that drama we got on a plane. 

Elephant walk
Scary Temple protector

The reason I love beachy island holidays

I think this is a seaweed boat but it could be the boat we came to the island on
it was 4 years ago


Traditional Barong Dance

Another scary Temple protector

Of all the food photos I could have taken ...Big Mac Bali style. (Ugh)

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