Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wedding spending spree.

So, I have been shopping....... for the wedding of course. I had been waiting for a little while to buy things in one go..... I have been coming home to packages everyday.... It is a little bit addictive.

I have two flower girls and I thought this would be a cute headband for each of them.

 Another ETSY purchase was my bridesmaids gifts. I also got one for mum since she will be staying   with us the night before.
 Breaking a little bit of tradition. Both of my flower girls will be going down the aisle carrying a ring plate each. They will be wearing a flower corsage.
This is the cover of our guest book. Of course the letters will be K & M and the verse reads ' Today I will marry my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with,  and love.' Nawwww my sentiments exactly.

As an idea for favours we had the bright idea to make  home made fudge ..... the outcome of that is to be determined so stay tuned!

Oh and I also pretty much booked my florist. One of my workmates used this lady for their wedding and her work is amazing AND affordable (even though DIY would have been even better)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Decisions and DIY disasters :D

So, it has been a while since I have posted. A little bit has happened since then on the wedding front.
We had a meeting with our venue for our 'let's pay for half of the reception now' meeting. In exchange for the bit of coin we got lots and lots of seating charts and a cake voucher as our cake is included in our package.  Our cake is coming from 2bites. Her style is a little bit different from what I was looking at but apparently she is easy to talk with.

We also organised our food and wine tasting night for next month! This will be the my favourite part of the whole planning experience I think. Mum and M's parents are coming so that will be an interesting night. A bonus is that the cake lady will have samples for us to try.

 I also had a go at flower arranging today. My grand ideas to make my own bouquets have been quashed. :( I got up at 5 this morning and ventured into the dark... I honestly thought the sun would be up a little bit by that stage. That just shows how often I am up that early. So I ventured out to Flemington markets. Apparently 5:30 is late to get there. I had to go around a few times to find a parking spot.

I bought 8 bunches of flowers costing me around $56 which was more than I thought (only because I heard murmurs of $4 a bunch) but very reasonable.

 This makes me want to try again. Especially because I really like the red roses for me. ....Decisions Decisions. If we go with the D.I.Y option and it doesn't work out I will be one stressed bee....any who, that's what I have been up to.