Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That feeling

So, ever have those days where even though  you are surrounded by people, you just feel lonely? Today is one of the them.

I currently have the house to myself. My house-mate has a new boyfriend has been home two nights since new years which is fantastic. M is working late tonight so I don't usually get to see him on tuesdays. So I have the house to myself and I've essentially living on my own for a month. In 2009 I lived on my own for 9 months which I remember was very challenging at times. Anywho. Just a rant. Little connection out.  I'm a social creature

I'll feel better later. 

 On  a lighter note. M visited me at work to have lunch with me at work last Friday. He bought me a bunch of pink roses. So sweet. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Wedding Purchases

So, aside from booking vendors and locations it is now time to start buying little bits a pieces for the wedding. I've bought a huge storage tub to start storing these acquisitions. 

Not original but only $10 for the set from TYPO and will probably go on the signing table
                                              Note The Biggest Loser in the background lol

My cake bags and a sample invitation that I ordered online.

So really that is all I have bought. I am about to order my wedding dress so that will be the next thing, however that will not be in my hands for a long time.

Friday, January 27, 2012


So, as reported before last Sunday myself and my bridesmaids went hunting for bridesmaids dresses. Well actually it was mainly to get a third, fourth, fifth and sixth opinion on THE DRESS. The bridal store where I found 'THE DRESS' was the last store on our list and therefore THE DRESS was always the benchmark.

I was hoping M wouldn't find out about this blog until after the wedding so that I could post picture but it came in my search history sooooo NOW I cant post a picture of my dress.
However it's a very pretty Maggie Sottero number. And I have found it online from the states for half the price that I will get parcel forwarded as they do not ship internationally. BAH at the mark-up for living on the other side of the world!!! Even with shipping and alterations I should save at least $600 CRAZY.

I also have a feeling M would like it. It was the only one that made my mum cry and she has been raving about it. My bridesmaids all have very strong opinions, a few times I walked out with a dress and they all flat out said NO. So, when they raved about this dress I knew this was a good sign.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Last night my housemate hosted (and therefore I did too) an Intimo lingerie party. This is the 2nd one we've had in about 6 months. She booked the last one after one of our other friends had one. 

I usually shy away from spending too much on this type of thing but the first two times I spent a total of $650. This time I had to exercise some will power and decide on one thing and I decided to make it something practical. Since losing the weight during the 12wbt I have also lost boob size. Since the first party I have lost 2 cup sizes, which for me still leaves me with plenty (trust me)

My bra. I have it in black and strawberry
This is the most comfortable and hassle free strapless free bra I have ever bought. I pretty much have never had to pull it up like I usually do with other strapless bras. Their catalogue caters for a fair range of sizes and shapes. There were so many other pretty things I could have bought but the wedding/ house/ honeymoon budget is more of a priority at the moment. Sigh. I love buying new underwear for some reason.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting a bit excited

So, on Sunday coming the stars are aligning and all my bridesmaids will be in the same state and same location as myself. This means only one thing. Dress SHOPPING!!!!!!!!

As FH has found this blog I was hoping to keep secret until after the wedding where he could see all my crazies ( M, you have already seen all of it) but anyway this just means that I cant put any pictures of my dress on here.

I think that I have found the dress but I want to go and look again to make sure.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Note to self

So, follow the instructions for heating up heat packs

This was bubbling like molten lava after it popped. no more heat pack for me :(


So, every now and then I have a muscle spasm attack that lasts maybe 3 days at the most. At the moment we are into day 10. I have now been to the chiropractor twice. And as I type, I have a heat back on the back of my neck so that I can hopefully go to work tomorrow and NOT be in pain all day. 

Not my neck but this is what I feel like I should post.

I look at xrays all day as part of my job and I can only imagine what mine looks like at the moment. (It's muscular but feels like my neck needs to be cracked all the time)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

M's observation

                                                    M came around to show me this photo.

I've got a really sore neck at the moment so I've tried every position possible to be sort of comfortable.... I was in a similar position when he showed this to me lol.


So, the title of todays blog may emphasise an enthusiasm more deserving of going to disneyland. As we are in the boring stage of saving for the wedding/honeymoon/nest we have to be able to find cheap things to do.

So last sunday where we went to ikea, we were there pretty early so we had breakfast there. Not any breakfast. $2.95 breakfast. We actually spent more on breakfast ($2.95 Veggie breakfast for me . $3.95 pancakes and bacon for M) than we did actually in ikea. All we bought were dark blue pillow cases for my new bed. $6.95. 

Today we were looking for things to do because we had a pretty lazy night in watching telly. So M suggested Ikea breakfast. Unfortunately, by the time we got there. It was not breakfast time any more. so we had sandwiches. :( We spent the second half of the day with my dad. Talking about the wedding, fixing his computer and watching the cricket(bore). 

Now, we are in the middle of food experimenting. M can cook two things. Beef stroganoff and Chicken tonight. So now we are trying beef strog slow cooked in a stew pot. Here's hoping!

Disclaimer: Real product may be more burnt than is pictured

Friday, January 13, 2012

Real Estate

So, M and I have been trawling over the many tasty real estate options online for months now and today we decided to brave it and see what was really out there. 

We saw three today. 1 of which we would move into tomorrow if we could afford it now. It was also the property where we asked the real estate agent the asking price and he added $20k to the advertised price tag. HAHA. Maybe he thought we were newbies or maybe we just looked like we wanted to buy anything at any price. Mr real estate man. You make me laugh.

my reaction to the price hike

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Different Ideas

                                                          M showed me the photo below.
Source Unknown
I thought that was the most amazing cake ever! How awesome is it? You could so show the white part off and secretly the dripping chocolate and chocolate dipped strawberries were facing the bridal table.

                                        M showed it to me as he thought it was ridiculous. lol
                                        Clearly we need to go back to the drawing board hehe

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So, I had my first bad wedding freak out last night. Actually, it was more to do with organising the wedding and trying to find somewhere to buy as well. A lot of tears and a lot of comforting from M as well as a good nights sleep has put a few more things in perspective. So I am a happy chappy again today! 

Today is my day off so M and I went to the beach in the morning, had a nice lunch and then just generally chilled the rest of the afternoon. M is now out hunting for the pizza we ordered. Such a good provider he he.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

IKEA + Cloud Sleeping

A couple of months ago M and I put a mattress on lay-by because my bed would be our 'marital be' and the number of springs poking into our backs was beyond ridiculous. 

We paid it off and it got delivered yesterday so last night was our first night sleeping in it. I will just say I think I was floating on a cloud. It was so comfortable and I am looking forward to 10 more years of floating on our cloud. 

M and I went to IKEA looking for bedside tables because now with the new bed I am looking for new furniture ( I would like everything to match) We found one but decided to get it later. What I was really excited about though was the candle section. I would like floral pomanders as our centrepieces and I needed to find something that was not too big and too expensive

The way that I think we will go. 3 for $24.95

Friday, January 6, 2012

Craft time!

So, Being 2012 and the year of our wedding, I decided to go to my auntys place to play with her wall to wall craft toys. I really like the idea of letter press invitations and I have seen the price people charge for this feature. I was only playing at this stage.


My favourite pattern and the most letter pressed

First go.

In conclusion. I decided doing 50 or so sets of these would absolutely drive me bonkers so we are just going to budget to get them done for us.