Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's been a long time.

I think my last post was about our wedding or honeymoon. It's been so long since I've read my own blog I've forgotten where I was up to.

M and I have grown up. Our marriage survived the first year and just after that in January we found out we are expecting our first child. I am now 11 weeks pregnant.

To my little one in my belly:

Daddy and I haven't seen you yet. Your first viewing is next week and Mummy is so scared that something has happened to hurt you. 

Most mornings you make Mummy sick. Ginger remedies, eating small meals etc don't really work. Instead Mummy craves grease and carbs to counter act the sickness and to make her feel better. Next week is when the first trimester ends.... I'm hoping the sickness goes with it but it makes me a little more sure that you are thriving in there.

We've only told a few people about you. It's our secret. We hypothesise, plan and probably idealise what it is going to be like when you come into the world. Next week we get to hear the squeals of excitement from our family and friends. I can't wait to share that joy

Daddy secretly wishes for a son but I am happy with whatever you are. I know if you are a girl you will be Daddy's little girl . 

In another respect we have also grown up. We are now home owners. The discovery of our new addition put some fire to our search and we now own a beautiful unit that will be ours in April. I can't wait to set it up for Midi. (His/Her Name for the moment)

That is all for the moment. Until next week and Midi has its close up!