Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Start

So, Yesterday Michelle Bridges posted on Facebook a comment along the lines of just because the transformation starts on Monday doesn't mean you can go crazy. Too bad I read that after eating fish and chips. Oh well. We also had home made burgers for dinner so bad all together. I need  to see this face below in my head every time I go to pick at something that I shouldn't be eating

My photo. And without the pricetag on her face

Between the bad eating M was watching a movie and I decided to try and get organised. So I wrote a to do list for the wedding. There is something satisfying about handwriting things. In my world, between work and home I dont write a whole lot at all. I did manage to tick off a few things This list will go on the fridge. 

The rest of today will be dedicated to get M out of bed. Then I need to go shopping for lots of Michelle Bridges 12WBT goodies. I'm glad that my goal for this round isn't as high as it was for the last round. I'm just looking for some definition. If I feel brave enough I will possibly post my before pictures.... We'll see. Stay tuned


  1. I did my big shop today! And since we won't be in town next weekend, we had Sunday's lunch today. So good. Ready for the exercises tomorrow I think and I will be measuring myself later today. Not sure I'm brave enough to post my before pictures (something about internet and underwear shots doesn't seem right) but I guess if you do, maybe I should too!

    1. It is a definite maybe with the photos. I might put them up at some stage. I havent taken them yet.

    2. Well I did it, posted a head chopped off version of my 12wbt submission...and shrunk the photo big time!

  2. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your progress.