Friday, February 24, 2012

FRIDAY + technology

So, yesterday M and I had the day off together. He gets two Fridays off a month in exchange for working a Sunday and I get 1 day off a fortnight depending on what section I am working in and when or machines need a service.

We had to put down two weeks rent for our new place then I had an appointment at the skin cancer clinic. I have some suspicious moles on my back which I now know are all fine now which is great. In my job I see the worse case scenarios of melanoma and combined with that ad about Wes the 26 year old who died of melanoma, I had a small case of paranoia. Proves that the advertising is working I guess. 

I have also started packing. :( I have soooo much stuff. M is playing cricket today and working tomorrow so I have the whole two days to myself to attack some of it. Really I only have two more weekends to do it :( My next day off is actually my birthday so I am planning on pampering not packing.

Once we had a bit of that done we went to the beach. I have been there a few times this week because summer has seen the looming autumn deadline and has decided to kind of get its act together. I have been playing with the features on my phone. Here are the products.

Vintage view
This isnt the only ring location shot. I'll post some more later from the night we were engaged.

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