Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hunter Valley

M and I went up to the Hunter Valley for the long weekend. I was a little bit strategic about it in that we went up on Sunday and came back today, missing the crowds and traffic.

The Hunter is my favourite place to go. It isn't far away from Sydney, I can taste lots of yummy wines and there is great food to be had.

First Stop  Briar Ridge

Piggs Peake Winery
 My favourite wine of the weekend was the Riesling and 'Pigscato' from Piggs Peake. AMAZING ! so nice and smooth!
My little haul

Tomorrow is Offspring day. Or Wednesday. Or Matt LeNevesday. Thursday is also known as the day we talk about the benefits of Dr Patrick Reid and the disappointment that our Dr's at work don't have his charm. That conversation also is accompanied by the benefits of Dr Patrick vs The Commando. We are VERY productive in the first hour of Thursdays.