Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That feeling

So, ever have those days where even though  you are surrounded by people, you just feel lonely? Today is one of the them.

I currently have the house to myself. My house-mate has a new boyfriend has been home two nights since new years which is fantastic. M is working late tonight so I don't usually get to see him on tuesdays. So I have the house to myself and I've essentially living on my own for a month. In 2009 I lived on my own for 9 months which I remember was very challenging at times. Anywho. Just a rant. Little connection out.  I'm a social creature

I'll feel better later. 

 On  a lighter note. M visited me at work to have lunch with me at work last Friday. He bought me a bunch of pink roses. So sweet. 

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  1. I so know what you mean. My FH left today to go overseas for 6mths and I'm rather at a loss this evening. Lucky for me, my cat is keeping me company with her antics :)