Thursday, January 12, 2012

Different Ideas

                                                          M showed me the photo below.
Source Unknown
I thought that was the most amazing cake ever! How awesome is it? You could so show the white part off and secretly the dripping chocolate and chocolate dipped strawberries were facing the bridal table.

                                        M showed it to me as he thought it was ridiculous. lol
                                        Clearly we need to go back to the drawing board hehe


  1. That is awesome~! My friend had a macaroon wedding cake..

  2. Haha, love it! Its always good to talk to your man about wedding things so your on the same wavelength, I've had a many a conversation with FH about random things where he liked something and I liked something else, and then we both decided on something completely different, so talking to each other always helps... :)

  3. Yeah it is all good. We'll sort it out. I'm determined not to have a " boring" cake. Even if I just get a cheeky cake topper