Friday, January 27, 2012


So, as reported before last Sunday myself and my bridesmaids went hunting for bridesmaids dresses. Well actually it was mainly to get a third, fourth, fifth and sixth opinion on THE DRESS. The bridal store where I found 'THE DRESS' was the last store on our list and therefore THE DRESS was always the benchmark.

I was hoping M wouldn't find out about this blog until after the wedding so that I could post picture but it came in my search history sooooo NOW I cant post a picture of my dress.
However it's a very pretty Maggie Sottero number. And I have found it online from the states for half the price that I will get parcel forwarded as they do not ship internationally. BAH at the mark-up for living on the other side of the world!!! Even with shipping and alterations I should save at least $600 CRAZY.

I also have a feeling M would like it. It was the only one that made my mum cry and she has been raving about it. My bridesmaids all have very strong opinions, a few times I walked out with a dress and they all flat out said NO. So, when they raved about this dress I knew this was a good sign.

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