Sunday, January 15, 2012


So, the title of todays blog may emphasise an enthusiasm more deserving of going to disneyland. As we are in the boring stage of saving for the wedding/honeymoon/nest we have to be able to find cheap things to do.

So last sunday where we went to ikea, we were there pretty early so we had breakfast there. Not any breakfast. $2.95 breakfast. We actually spent more on breakfast ($2.95 Veggie breakfast for me . $3.95 pancakes and bacon for M) than we did actually in ikea. All we bought were dark blue pillow cases for my new bed. $6.95. 

Today we were looking for things to do because we had a pretty lazy night in watching telly. So M suggested Ikea breakfast. Unfortunately, by the time we got there. It was not breakfast time any more. so we had sandwiches. :( We spent the second half of the day with my dad. Talking about the wedding, fixing his computer and watching the cricket(bore). 

Now, we are in the middle of food experimenting. M can cook two things. Beef stroganoff and Chicken tonight. So now we are trying beef strog slow cooked in a stew pot. Here's hoping!

Disclaimer: Real product may be more burnt than is pictured

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