Friday, January 13, 2012

Real Estate

So, M and I have been trawling over the many tasty real estate options online for months now and today we decided to brave it and see what was really out there. 

We saw three today. 1 of which we would move into tomorrow if we could afford it now. It was also the property where we asked the real estate agent the asking price and he added $20k to the advertised price tag. HAHA. Maybe he thought we were newbies or maybe we just looked like we wanted to buy anything at any price. Mr real estate man. You make me laugh.

my reaction to the price hike


  1. I hated the crazy hunts because its such a mind game. I think you'll do alright...don't freak out, S & I bought and renovated our place before the wedding. Sure helped me lose a few kilos I tell ya. All the best!

  2. It is all about the mind games! lol I should have challenged him on it.