Friday, January 20, 2012


Last night my housemate hosted (and therefore I did too) an Intimo lingerie party. This is the 2nd one we've had in about 6 months. She booked the last one after one of our other friends had one. 

I usually shy away from spending too much on this type of thing but the first two times I spent a total of $650. This time I had to exercise some will power and decide on one thing and I decided to make it something practical. Since losing the weight during the 12wbt I have also lost boob size. Since the first party I have lost 2 cup sizes, which for me still leaves me with plenty (trust me)

My bra. I have it in black and strawberry
This is the most comfortable and hassle free strapless free bra I have ever bought. I pretty much have never had to pull it up like I usually do with other strapless bras. Their catalogue caters for a fair range of sizes and shapes. There were so many other pretty things I could have bought but the wedding/ house/ honeymoon budget is more of a priority at the moment. Sigh. I love buying new underwear for some reason.

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  1. The bra looks like it would sit so well under clothes and create smooth lines. Its SO hard for me to find great bra's I have a small cup size and a wide back *sigh*