Monday, April 2, 2012


So,  I went to a good friends wedding on Saturday. It was a sweet ceremony and the reception held at Curzon Hall was amazing.  The whole day made me look forward to our wedding day even more.They had a grand piano being played for most of the first half of the reception which made for a lovely atmosphere.

However, it put something into perspective for me. So much planning goes into saving, executing a wedding and something weird happened that night. After the speeches literally half the guests upped and left. It was barely 9pm. Apparently it was a cultural thing, however out of respect for the couple I would have thought that they would have stayed a little bit longer. If that many people left our reception that early I would be devastated. That said, the couple were on cloud nine and were actually able to spend quite a bit of time with people. 

The main lesson I think I have learned is that I am not going to sweat the small stuff about our wedding. The bonboniere are now just going to be Votive holders that double as place cards. I am going to put more effort into the ceremony the WHOLE reason for the day. 

On a sweet note M also seems to be very excited and looking forward to our day. We have an appointment to see the priest on Saturday to discuss the ceremony so that will get rolling.


  1. I had the same thing happen to me at our Malaysian wedding too! All the guests left as soon as dessert was finished. We didn't get to toast half the crowd! It was partially cultural but also because we held ours on a Sunday night.

    Am sure yours won't have the same thing occuring no worries!

  2. Nice backdrop change!

    I've awarded you the Versatile blogger award. If you have received it before however, just answer my tag questions. You'll see:

    1. ooh hey thanks. I'll repost tomorrow. I dont follow 15 blogs though so I'll post the ones that I do. Interesting questions!

  3. Yeah, I would have found that rude too but I'm sure there will always be the ones who have to leave early. Good luck with your wedding planning! I'm sure it will be a gorgeous day!