Monday, April 23, 2012


So, I'm marrying a self confessed nerd. He is most comfortable watching a Lord of the Rings movie, researching different swords used in medieval times, playing computer games for hours on end.

This weekend he dragged me to nerd.. uh I mean Ironfest in Lithgow. We drove 2 hours to this festival that was full of enthused men, women and children dressed in period costume. Period costume or Star wars costumes or Dr Who costumes. I found it all fascinating. I have to say after 2 hours of walking around I got a bit tired ( a bit bored) so I found some chocolate Dutch pancakes and took a seat in the stands while M went and looked around.

I can't get any photos off my phone at the moment. We watched some jousting, some falconing, some 19th century cannon fighting.

The highlight of the day was the food ( for me anyway). 2 hours from Sydney was a stand that comes to my work every Tuesday. The Mexican wrap stand. I had to show M the wonders of the Mexican wrap. Where I work the food is baaad. Hospital cafeteria bad. With only half an hour for lunch , getting down the street and being able to eat anything is a struggle. So when Tuesday comes around we embrace the closeness and yumminess that is the Mexican wrap.

Some other exciting news. Babyfest has hit work. We have three pregnant ladies at work now. The last announcing her pregnancy last week. She was my housemate I just moved away from. It was very unexpected but very exciting at the same time. She bought in her ultrasound today and there is a teeny tiny baby in there. This baby fever has crossed over to me and it's a bit scary. M and I probably won't have kids for a little while yet. Especially when we don't have anywhere for it to be kept yet. However the idea is very appealing and my inner cluckiness has come out. I need a kid to babysit...STAT... so that I can get a dose of reality to fight this condition. . . . . .

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