Monday, March 26, 2012

That busy weekend.

So, my weekend of the move has been and gone. The highlight of that weekend was my good friends hens night. Her sister and MOH a.k.a wedding planner superstar organised everything perfectly. She even had hand made origami  It was held at the Winery in Surry hills. I have been there a few times for a couple of occasions and I haven't really ever been disappointed. 

Especially when dessert looks like this...
OOOh so delicious Brownie. 

On a different note. One week in to living back at home has been nice. It's been nice to come home and have dinner cooked for you (I contribute to the cooking too). Mum made a lamb roast for dinner last night and we also had a belated birthday cake for me . I just hope I dont get too used to it or M is up for a lot of cooking duty! :D

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