Saturday, January 12, 2013

What has 8 legs?

I was in my bathroom last night and happened to look at the wall.
There was a teeny tiny spider. Not much bigger than a finger nail. 
Then I look at the wall a bit closer. It has 5 brothers or sisters. 
I immediately call M in to have a look at our little spider problem
He squished them and disposed.

Today I was in the bathroom again and saw that 10 more brothers and sisters were enjoying some hang time on our bathroom wall.
I freaked. I hate spiders and the number of them got a bit unnerving. 
M went and squished a few more and then went back to his computer game.
I was not prepared to do this ie relax. I jumped into my car and drove to Bunnings to pick up bug killing devices/chemicals. 

When I returned M was in the same spot as I had left him and  I went into the bathroom. It was if they knew we were killing their siblings. There were about 100 of them. Everywhere. Mostly around the toilet. I squealed and sprayed. 

We created a spider graveyard. One was even hanging from a thread from the ceiling. 
The Baygon is sitting dutifully in the bathroom waiting for another attack. 
It has also taken me a while to stop 'feeling' creepy things crawling on me when something brushes my skin. 


  1. That sounds horrifying!
    There is no worse feeling than the 'phantom spider' feeling on your skin! I get it constantly!

    I hate spiders but I canNOT deal with cockroaches.
    I was outside last week chatting on the phone when I felt something on my upper thigh, I look down and it's an effing cockroach!
    I screamed so loud my mum thought I was being attacked lol
    I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

    I hope the spider family is dead!

    1. I have not seen a return of them yet so hopefully they haven't migrated.