Thursday, January 24, 2013


Today I had enough. 
I disconnected. 
I deactivated my facebook account. 
The amount of time spent on the site had become ridiculous.
Lunch breaks in our tea room at work are silent with all us gen Y's staring at our phones for half an hour.

They don't make it easy.
You have to put in your password
Verify that you aren't a robot
Then go through a myriad of your facebook friends that will miss me. 
Luckily for them they put up people I haven't spoken to in YEARS! 
Made the whole thing a lot easier. 

Now , 12 hours later I am wondering what else there is on the internet other than FB, Vogue forums and easy weddings.

Thats Me



  1. Hooray! We're twins ;) I'm wtmontana on VF - quit facebook a few weeks back and it is SO refreshing isn't it!?

    Also below... UGH spiders! Have had a different huntsman visit me EVERY FORTNIGHT for six weeks :(

    1. I cracked a little bit. I am currently playing scrabble on there. I haven't liked or commented or put a status update. I was sick of telling people about events and them already knowing what I had for dinner last night.

  2.! You're welcome :P hehe