Friday, January 11, 2013

Hot stuff.

Photo: Bit eggy but mix master works. Just need help eating it now 

I had a day off today. In 30 something degree heat with no air con, this may be one of the only days I wish I was at work. Never mind, work has me going in to treat a couple of emergency patients which will definitely kill that wish. Forecasts are supposing 40 degrees tomorrow so at least there will be some air con to go with it.

I tried out my mix master today and made the above Pavlova. It doesn't taste exactly right. More eggy. I think that I need to add more sugar.  I also made a chocolate cake I found on the Donna Hay website. I have yet to try it but it seems alright. M loves choc so really he is not fussy.

Hope everyone is coping in this heat. Stay hydrated. Eat cake. Except my Pavlova. I ate dinner in the middle of writing this. It was reaaaaallly eggy. More sugar and more whipping is needed. Not bad for a first attempt though.

xx K

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