Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First outfit post

So, I will figure this out eventually but this is my first outfit post. Today is my birthday. yay! I am 25 years young and I was luck enough to have the day off and have my wonderful friend attempt to plan a day for us. It was the ABC birthday. A for alcohol B for Balmain and C for cinema. We did A and C and substituted Balmain for Newtown. We went vintage/ retro / op shop shopping . I love the 50s and 60s retro look especially for the fact that it suits my figure.

second hand portmans dress $30.
I think that this cut is really nice and  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it is now common out in the shops.
I also bought a Dangerfield dress/ revival dress that I wanted to keep from M (for the moment) so I wont post it but I LOVE it. I was pretty sensible because I only bought those two items.

We also went to see Like Crazy at the Dendy. It is a love story and the review I watched said that a lot of the dialogue was improvised which added to it. Their relationship is quite marred with obstacles that could have been prevented by them and it made it a bit painful/ cringey to watch. What I mean is that  you want them to be all happy but their decisions make things difficult. Anyway. I would recommend it if you want something to talk about with your girlfriends. Also we were one of 6 people in the cinemas. Perfect.

Now I am waiting for M to come over and we are going out to dinner. I am wearing the dress I posted about. :D Such a good way to enter my 'mid twenties'

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  1. Happy Birthday Mrs.Who. That dress is very complementary to your figure. Hope M treats you like the lady you look like tonight. Have a good one!