Sunday, December 16, 2012

Red or purple?

I said in my previous post that I need a change.
Some people cut their hair right after their wedding. 
I have been growing it for the wedding and now it is quite long.
Insert another wedding photo ;D
The hair is curled and past my shoulders. Straight it is obviously longer
M is quite partial to long haired gals. He whines whenever I mention cutting it off. 
In this summer heat it is very often.
He also likes my natural colour. 
However I have to do something!
So I am thinking of putting in a rinse or something.
I have been red before. 
Something for a slight change will be good. 

My mission this week is to look for a rinse that will tide me over until I can think of what I want to do. 
 So, red or purple? ( subtle purple)

Let me know

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