Friday, December 7, 2012

Pro Pics

They arrived!
Our discs with our photos are now in our hot little hands. 
Overall I am very happy with them.
All credit goes to Dan Au Photography

I thought I would recap the day in pictures.

I woke up really early (6:30) for the 3rd morning in a row.
I was greeted by bridesmaid T who was dutifully asleep on our sofa bed.
By 8 L, my maid of honour and Christine, M's sister had also arrived along with our hair and make up team.

Our flower girls arrived at 12 as they didn't require a lot of work and it kind of kept them out of our hair until they were needed. They were really well behaved. Having only met each other twice before, they promptly promised to be best friends until 4pm.

My blue shoes. I was kind of concerned about what M's reaction to this colour would be. I absolutely loved them . I had to walk away from Manoloh's in Hawaii for a cool 900 plus tax so these at 80 were a fair substitute and probably the most comfortable heels I have ever worn!

M did not notice my shoes until we got back into the car after the ceremony. He LOVED them! He basically shouted that I had blue shoes! He keeps remarking how much he loved them. Winner!

My Maggie Sottero Zabrina dress
 This was also one of the most comfortable dresses to wear. It was sometimes a hassle to try and not step on it and also white dresses attract every colour under the sun. I think at one point my roses rubbed colour onto it. Such is life. I think it was perfect. I love the silhouette!
More of the blue shoes

I gave M some Happy Socks and a wallet which is he was in desperate need of.

Darling Rose Classics. 3x Mark 5 Jaguars including the convertible... it rained so that didn't get used.
 Then it was time to go. We thought we had plenty of time. Let's have some more pictures we said. Uh
I was the perfect bride though. I think I was 5 minutes late.

My home made unity candle.
Yup. I'm Katie, he is Matthew.

We were brave soldiers. Running in the rain along the beach. Bonus was there was no one else around

My cheeky cake topper. Our photographer made us recreate it

 The night went so quick. We did have a few hiccups. My grandfather tripped over in the courtyard on the way to the photo booth. He hit his head, broke his wrist and cracked some ribs. My grandmother got so stressed about it that she ended up in hospital too. Now the silly duffers are apologising about missing the rest of the reception. This all happened between dinner and dessert so things got postponed for a little bit. The show did go on though once they were off to the hospital. About 10 family members came up to me one after the other to make sure I was OK because I got a little bit upset about it all. 

Any who. Back to the good stuff I will leave you with a photo of our first dance. We had dance lessons. 5 of them. Learning the waltz and sort of choreographing some moves so we didn't look like idiots. The only factor that we didn't really properly account for was the trickiness of my dress. After the first lot of spins I half tripped on my dress so I basically got Matt and I to stick to basic waltzes and sways. It was a bit of a shame that we couldn't have done it properly but I would have ended up on the floor.
We did the dip at the end. 
I pull funny faces when I dance.


  1. You look beautiful. congrats to you both. hope your grandparents are ok.

  2. Such a beautiful day, and such a shame its over, but you have gorgeous photos to remind you of it and a lovely new life ahead of you now on the other side. Congratulations!

  3. Your dress is gorgeous! Congrats again!