Sunday, October 28, 2012

Losing my head and Hens night

I'm usually quite calm about things... on the outside, meanwhile actually screaming in my head.
Today was an exception to that rule.

 I got my dress altered. Shortened the length, added sleeves ( which were to be removable through a clip) and a bustle.

I got:
The correct length at the front - TICK
Sleeves which were hand sewn on- Bah Bowww
A wrist tie to only ONE of the 5 layers, the rest of the layers hang free
The Top layer isn't cut as short as the others which makes it look odd
A blood stain where someone who has pricked themselves when sewing on the sleeves.
There is also an unexplained (slight) stain near the hem at the front

So I called her today and lost my head. I never do that. Yelling at an old lady made me feel guilty but then I get mad that I am feeling guilty and all of it comes out of my eyeballs. Luckily it was after I had gotten off the phone. She had offered to come back to get it cleaned but now I think after she hung up on me I have well and truly burnt that bridge. 

Poor M has tried to be supportive while not getting too much information about the dress. 
My bridesmaid has offered to fix some of it for me which is a real blessing. M is out at his grandparents place to find out the name of their seamstress they trust just in case my bridesmaid can't fix it.  I am hoping she can. She made her own wedding dress so I trust her. With 18 days to go my stress head is on and I want to get rid of it. !!!! 

In other news, I had my hens day on Saturday. Firstly L threw me a Kitchen Tea. The idea of a Kitchen Tea to me was you drink tea, champagne, play games and have cake. I never related it to getting presents. I got a whole kitchen load full! We didn't have enough storage as it was and now we have to get a bigger kitchen ... which is FINE BY ME! 

We then went to Crinitis in Darling harbour for dinner first, with lots of cocktails, lots of pizza, pasta and other lovely goodies. Followed by some daggy dancing at Retro. T and I went back to my place to find the best man (her husband) asleep at 2am and we , being super tipsy found that unacceptable and dragged him out of bed to have some more drinks with us.  I spent most of yesterday recovering and trying to solve dress problems that T is going to try and fix. 

My attire. I stealthly hid the hens night dares when people weren't looking

MMMMM dessert!

We got one of those coffee machines from ALDI with pods.
M and I will enjoy the hot chocolate ones and guests get to have proper coffee

18 days and counting.
Fiji is on the other side!



  1. wow look at the size of that dessert plate!
    hi by the way! I've been following your blog and am so excited your day is coming! Hope this isn't random but would you be up for a free wedding video? that's our latest one- just did it last week and just realised I didn't see any posts on videographers on your site. I love weddingbee forums and wouldn't mind throwing in something for a fellow Sydney bee!

    If not, no worries and so understandable lol Looking forward to seeing wedding pics of the secret dress!

    1. Hi, thankyou for the offer. Sounds a bit too good to be true. nice video though. I like the song selection.

  2. oh wow! didn't expect you to respond :) Not sure if that's a declination? I just realised though that I might have gotten the dates wrong because of the blog date stamp being a day behind. Is it on a Friday or Saturday? Friday might be tough...
    Thanks, we use Licensed music so people don't get in trouble afterwards. This one is called "Sort of" by Ingrid Michaelson

    1. Quick reply because I have my email open. I love Ingrid Michaelson. It is on the Friday and it was a decline.

  3. First of all - wow what a pretty kitchen tea and the hens sounds like a blast! As for the dress dramas, I feel for you honey and I am sure I would turn into some kind of monster and probably eat the old lady, so you are doing well. I have faith that your BM will fix everything and on the big day you will all laugh about this - hold in there! xx

    1. Thanks. I have my stress head on at the moment. I can't wait for it to all just happen. The hens was so much fun xx

  4. Good luck, im sure your dress will look stunning and your bridesmaid will fix it. just keep breathing and relaxing, I found that it helped heaps.