Sunday, July 29, 2012


I think I am over jet lag now. My poor body  was so confused with the sleep deprivation. I am an 8-9 Hour  a night girl so being awake for 19 hours after only 5 hours sleep.

Our holiday was AMAZING. The weather was gorgeous 99% of the time. The remaining 1% was a slight shower which was much welcome when the weather was between 28-35 degrees everyday. Dropping to maybe 25 at night.

If you ever go to Hawaii and stay on Oahu , make sure you get a snap shot of every aspect of the island. The culture, the nature, the cuisine, the shopping!

We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The largest resort in Oahu. I would recommend this for location and friendly service. I would not recommend it for a romantic holiday as there are people EVERYWHERE! Luckily I was with Mum so that made it tolerable and we were only really there to sleep and have cocktails at some of the bars. Two of the bars were right on the beach and had happy hour right around sunset time. So in between pacing our alcohol consumption we took sunset photos.

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