Monday, July 30, 2012


I am an absolute tourist when I am in new places. I take photos of everything. If there is a special type of rock it gets recorded. Half the time I look at my photos when I get back and think what the heck did I waste memory on that  but that is the beauty of digital photography. Most of the food we ate was pretty ordinary . The same as what we have here. I was fascinated with the Americanisation of the food. Naturally that was probably because that was were I was.

Our couldn't be bothered to move from the bar meal

Mums had to be self constructed apparantly

Cheesecake factory ....Can't remember what it was

Mushroom burger

Regular sized??

Quarter pounder....I know bad.

Cocktaily milkshake

Tropical Seabreeze. My drink of choice

Well we waited over an hour to get in so here is the tourist in me

My chocolate mousse cheesecake. Had to get a doggy bag to take this home

Eggs Lox Benedict.... with Hashbrown

Apparantly this is a salad. Cobb salad

Half serve ribs from Senor Pepe Waikiki


  1. looks like you did america how it is suppose to be done - fried and in a truck load of grease! haha

    1. for some reason your comments go to my spam section. Anyways I think I fixed it. Yup I didn't really go nuts but if there was cheesecake then who was I to deny it!!!

  2. this stuff look stood to me!! like a treat...we have been eating out of the garden all summer, I think we are ready for some American food!!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.