Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve

So , because this years 'Summer' weather has been disappointing to say the least, I haven't really found the Christmas spirit. 

At work we have been wearing the Christmas hats to get ourselves and our patients in the mood for the season and the carols have been playing through the P.A system. but I'm a bit Bah Humbug about it all. 

This is our first Christmas as fiancée and fiancée . Which will be all very nice and dandy. I already know and have tried on my present from M. He got me my first bikini in over 10 years. His enthusiasm in buying it is probably more his benefit than for mine. For the last 12 weeks I have been doing Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation I managed to lose 8 kg and drop 2 dress sizes and make me a little bit more confident about my body. I have been indulging in the Christmas spirit in the food side of thing because there have been many dinners and lunches to celebrate the occasion

My Bikini from Storm in a D cup

The Christmas Itinerary:
Tonight we are off to my Mums for a BBQ as we aren't spending a lot of time with her tomorrow.
Staying at my house tonight and opening presents with M and my Housemate P.
Driving back to Mums in the morning to open presents and pick up my brothers who havent bothered to get licences or cars ( one is only 16 so he has an excuse) but the other is nearly 23 and needs to get his butt into gear . But I digress. 
Then we drive to Dads across country to have Christmas lunch at his house
Following this we drive to M's aunty and uncles place for the end of their Christmas lunch and present opening. After that we may or may not go back to mums but it all depends on how buggered we are.
Boxing Day- we are going to my Mums side to have lunch. This Boxing day tradition started because everyone had to go cross country and were too tired to eat anything that my grandmother had cooked. Soo that will be the day that I get to relax because I am currently on call until 8 am Monday morning when someone else gets the pager. Until then.... no alcohol and no travelling more than an hour away from work. Unless someone is in catastrophic trouble , I probably won't get called in tomorrow because it will cost the hospital way too much money to call us in with call in rates on top of public holiday rates.

Our Christmas tree lit up.


  1. Good on you for doing that 12 week challenge! How did you find it?
    It must have been such a good feeling to get that bikini on, M seems to have been excited! Very sweet.

  2. The challenge was pretty good. I wasn't 100% committed towards the end but I am happy with the results. I wore the bikini on Christmas and also today ( New Years day) and the comments have been very encouraging.