Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day, Boxing Day

So, Christmas 2011 is done. I completed tour de Sydney. Satisfactorily gave out presents and came home with a little bundle myself. Digital camera, cook books, casserole  pot, chopping boards, shoes, dress, singlets. Apparently because we are getting married I need to learn how to cook. I love that my mum hasn't attempted to give me domestic items. I think I get my domesticlessness (sp?) from her and I love that. 

M and I have been looking at houses and units to buy together lately and as we don't live together yet we are trying to get into something as soon as possible. I've lived out of home since I was 20 and M, at 25 is still at home. Sooooo keen to try and find something soon. My FMIL still thinks that M is moving out when we get married. If we buy something , then there is definitely 2 of us going to be living there pre marriage.

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