Friday, February 22, 2013

Getting a hobby

Post wedding blues exists. 
It has been 3 months since we entered wedding bliss.
It's not a sadness. 
It is just that a large part of our lives has happened already. 
A lot is yet to come of course and that is really exciting!
This post isn't supposed to be sad so here is what I have been doing.

Work: I am making progress in a presentation I have to make in two weeks at a national conference. I am super nervous about it but it will definitely be a good thing to put on my resume.

Home: M and I have been looking at some real estate. We are still saving but it is good to be out there looking at what's around. 

Outside: I have started a new cup cake decorating course. It is only beginners part 2. A continuation from one I did at the end of 2011.

 I'm not very good yet but these were pretty easy to make under a great teacher. 
Next week are baby shower cakes which will be cool.

Anyway that is me.

K  xx

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  1. Have a look at for some inspiration, help and just general cakey awesomeness! It's helped me loads!