Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Underwear, Lingerie..... There needs to be something under the dress. I don't need to take care of the top half because corsets are a godsend to women with boobs.

I am thinking something kind of sensible/ kind of playful. If that exists.

What are you wearing? And any suggestions?


  1. I haven't chosen my dress yet so I'm not sure what kind of underwear I'll be needing!
    I'd like to wear a nice matching set still but I guess it all depends.
    Sensible and playful sounds like that may be hard to find haha.

  2. If your dress is a tight fitting fishtail dress you might want to consider something that has no VPL. I wore a lacy blue as my something blue.

    1. Mine isnt fish tail but the last time I tried it on I didnt actually concentrate on VPLs ... Something to keep in mind for next time.