Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sushi and then some

So, I had a really short week this week at work as my ADO fell on Friday . Yay 3 day week!

I decided to go and see a movie on my own on Friday afternoon because that was something that I wouldn't usually do and also M wouldn't come and see Snow White and the Huntsmen. I, however got the time wrong and seeming I drove to the cinema decided to see What to Expect when you are expecting. I would see it if you were with your girlfriends and you want an easy movie to watch. It wasn't the best chick flick I have ever seen though.

On Saturday I went to my Aunties place to work on some DIY wedding tasks.  I may have mentioned before but her room is roof to floor craft items. Everything you would ever need is somewhere there . You just have to find it. Our goal was to make unity candles. I was going to order them professionally done.... However the store wanted $167 for them and I could think of better places to spend that money.
Happy with our effort. For a total of about $20
Following this my cousin who lives there asked me to go to the movies with him to see Brave. This wasn't the best Pixar animated movie I have ever seen however it does have some laugh out loud moments with Billy Connelly voicing the King. We also had a pre movie sushi train run...... I believe this sushi had kiwi fruit sauce on top of it... very interesting.

Kiwi Sushi
My Sunday has been very boring. I took advantage of the sunshine and did some much needed washing. I find joy in these things these days it's sad.

Hope you had a good weekend too.


  1. I just saw Brave today, loved it. Great plot, but i agree with the quality, not the best 3d i've seen. Billy definitely rocked his role though :)

  2. The candles look great and what a saving! My mum is turning her spare room into my wedding storage room lol.